Welcome to the Network Research Lab at UCLA Computer Science Department. Our group, led by Prof. Mario Gerla, supports research projects in a broad range of topics in network communications including network protocols and architectures, modeling and analysis, wireless networks, sensor networks, car-to-car networks, peer-to peer techniques, medical networks, and network measurement. We focus on the use of modeling and analytical techniques to study challenging problems.

Recent Publications

"DPEL: Dynamic PIT Entry Lifetime in Vehicular Named Data Networks", Safdar Hussain Bouk, Syed Hassan Ahmed, Muhammad Azfar Yaqub, Dongkyun Kim, Mario Gerla, Communications Letters, , March. 2016 (Journal Paper)

"CONET: COntrolled Data Packets Propagation in Vehicular Named Data NETworks", Syed Hassan Ahmed, Safdar Hussain Bouk, Muhammad Azfar Yaqub, Dongkyun Kim, Mario Gerla, CCNC, Las Vegas, USA, January. 2016 (Conference Paper)

"Improving Reliability of Platooning Control Messages Using Radio and Visible Light Hybrid Communicat", Susumu Ishihara, Vince Rabsatt, Mario Gerla, Vehicular Network Conference (VNC), Kyoto, Japan, December. 2015 (Conference Paper)

"WaterCom - A Multilevel, Multipurpose Underwater Communications Test Platform ", Ciaran Mc Goldrick, Mark Matney, Enrique Segura, Youngtae Noh, Mario Gerla, WUWNet'15, Washington DC, October. 2015 (Conference Paper)

"Multipath TCP over LEO satellite networks", Pengyuan Du, Xiao Li, You Lu, Prof. Mario Gerla, IWCMC'15, Dubrovnik, Croatia, August. 2015 (Conference Paper)

News & Events

Writer: Jorge Mena, 2014/4/10

Professor Gerla will attend NetCod 2011 at Beijing China from July 25 to 27, 2011 and present secure Network Coding.
Writer: Soon Young Oh, 2011/7/21

During August 13-14, 2010, Professor Gerla visits Seattle WA. and serves as a chair of Information, Communications and Networks Symposium in UKC 2010.
Writer: Soon Young Oh, 2010/8/10

Prof. Gerla will give a keynote speech, “Vehicular Urban Sensing: Techniques and Applications”, in Wireless Days 2009 at Paris.
Writer: Soon Young Oh, 2009/12/10

Project Links

C-VeT: Campus Vehicular Testbed Homepage
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