You Lu



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Computer Science Dept
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA, 90095

UCLA Boelter Hall, Boelter Hall 3803E

youlu at cs dot ucla dot edu

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Research Interest

His research interests spans broad areas of wireless network communication, including routing protocol design, network architecture design, mobile could computing, mobile social networks, vehicular networks, and mobile information-centric networks. He is also interested in cloud computing and software-defined data center.

Recent Publications

Conference Papers

" DT-ICAN: A Distruption-Tolerant Information-Centric Ad-Hoc Network",
Yu-Ting Yu, Josh Joy, Ruolin Fan, You Lu, Mario Gerla, M. Sanadidi,
Milcom'14, Baltimore, MD, October. 2014

"Multipath TCP over LEO satellite networks",
Pengyuan Du, Xiao Li, You Lu, Prof. Mario Gerla,
IWCMC'15, Dubrovnik, Croatia, August. 2015

"Social Network Based Security Scheme in Mobile Information-Centric Network",
You Lu, Zhiyang Wang, Yu-Ting Yu, Ruolin Fan, Mario Gerla,
Med-Hoc-Net 2013, Ajaccio, Corsica, France, June. 2013

"Localizing a Wheelchair Indoors with Magnetic Sensors",
Ruolin Fan, Silas Lam, Emanuel Lin, Oleksandr Artemenko, You Lu, Mario Gerla,
Med-Hoc-Net 2013, Ajaccio, Corsica, France, August. 2013

"Social Caching and Content Retrieval in Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs)",
Tuan Le, You Lu, Mario Gerla,
ICNC 2015, Anaheim, California, USA, February. 2015

"Energy-Efficient Content Retrieval in Mobile Cloud",
You Lu, Biao Zhou, Lung-Chih Tung, Ashwin Ramesh, Lohith Magaraja, Mario Gerla,
SIGCOMM 2013, Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing, Hong Kong, China, August. 2013

"Priority-Based Congestion Control Algorithm for Cross-Traffic Assistance on LTE Networks",
Lung-Chih Tung, You Lu, Mario Gerla,
VTC 2013-Fall, Las Vegas, USA, September. 2013

"ICAN: Information-Centric Context-Aware Ad-Hoc Network ",
Yu-Ting Yu, Chris Tandiono, Xiao Li, You Lu, M. Y. Sanadidi, Mario Gerla,
ICNC'14, Honolulu, Hawaii, February. 2014

"Information-Centric Delay-Tolerant Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks",
You Lu, Xiao Li, Yu-Ting Yu, Mario Gerla,
INFOCOM 2014, Workshop on Name Oriented Mobility, Toronto, Canada, April. 2014

"Software-Defined Mobile Cloud: Architecture, Services and Use Cases",
Ian Ku, You Lu, Mario Gerla,
IWCMC 2014, Nicosia, Cyprus, August. 2014

"Towards Software-Defined VANET: Architectures and Services",
Ian Ku, You Lu, Eduardo Cerqueira, Rafael Gomes, Francesco Ongaro, Mario Gerla,
Med-Hoc-Net 2014, Piran Slovenia, June. 2014

"Community aware Content Retrieval in Disruption-Tolerant Networks",
You Lu, Tuan Le, Vince Rabsatt, Haik Kalantarian, Mario Gerla,
Med-Hoc-Net 2014, Piran Slovenia, June. 2014


Journal Papers

"Robust Power Control Under Location and Channel Uncertainty in Cognitive Radio Networks",
Jun Wang, Jiashu Chen, You Lu, Danijela Cabric ,



"Social-tie based Content Retrieval for Delay-Tolerant Mobile Ad-hoc Networks",
You Lu, Wenyi Cheng, Lung-Chih Tung, Mario Gerla,
MobiCom 2013, Workshop on Challenged Networks, Miami, Florida, USA, September. 2013