Josh Joy


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Computer Science Dept
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA, 90095

UCLA Boelter Hall,


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Research Interest

Information Centric Networks

Recent Publications

Conference Papers

"Energy efficient, context-aware cache coding for mobile information-centric networks",
Josh Joy, Yu-Ting Yu, Mario Gerla, Ashish Gehani, Hasnain Lakhani, Minyoung Kim,
DEBS 2016, , May. 2016

"Privacy Risks in Vehicle Grids and Autonomous Cars",
Josh Joy, Mario Gerla,
CarSys 2017, Snowbird, Utah, October. 2017

"Internet of Vehicles and Autonomous Connected Car - Privacy and Security Issues",
Josh Joy, Mario Gerla,
ICCCN 2017, , July. 2017

"LocationSafe: granular location privacy for IoT devices",
Josh Joy, Minh Le, Mario Gerla,
S3@MobiCom 2016, , May. 2016

"Participation cost estimation: Private versus non-private study",
Josh Joy, Sayali Rajwade, Mario Gerla,
Med-Hoc-Net 2016, , May. 2016


Journal Papers

"Internet of Vehicles: Enabling Safe, Secure, and Private Vehicular Crowdsourcing",
Josh Joy, Vince Rabsatt, Mario Gerla,
Internet Technology Letters, , December. 2017

"DiscoverFriends: secure social network communication in mobile ad hoc networks",
Josh Joy, Eric Chung, Zengwen Yuan, Jiayao Li, Leqi Zou, Mario Gerla,
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, , May. 2016


Technical Reports

"Autonomic Communications in Software-Driven Networks",
Zhongliang Zhao, Eryk Jerzy Schiller, Eirini Kalogeiton, Torsten Braun, Stiller Burkhard, Josh Joy, Mario Gerla, Nabeel Akhtar, Ibrahim Matta,

"LocationSafe: Granular Location Privacy for Mobile IoT",
Josh Joy, Minh Le, Mario Gerla,
MobiCom 2016, New York City, NY