Uichin Lee



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Computer Science Dept
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA, 90095

UCLA Boelter Hall,


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Research Interest

Wireless Networking

Recent Publications

Conference Papers

"CLIPS: Infrastructure-free Collaborative Indoor Positioning Scheme for Time-critical Team Operations",
Youngtae Noh, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Uichin Lee, Prerna Vij, Josh Joy, Mario Gerla,
PerCom 2017, San Diego, CA, March. 2013

"M-FAMA: A Multi-session MAC Protocol for Reliable Underwater Acoustic Streams",
Seongwon Han, Youngtae Noh, Uichin Lee, Mario Gerla,
IEEE INFOCOM'13, Turin, Italy, April. 2013

"Internet of Vehicles: From Intelligent Grid to Autonomous Cars and Vehicular Clouds",
Mario Gerla, Eun-Kyu Lee, Giovanni Pau, Uichin Lee,
IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, , March. 2014

"Analyzing Crowd Workers in Mobile Pay-for-Answer Q&A",
Uichin Lee, Jihyoung Kim, Eunhee Yi, Juyup Sung, Mario Gerla,
In Prof. of CHI'13, Paris, France, April. 2013


Journal Papers

"DOTS: A Propagation Delay-aware Opportunistic MAC Protocol for Mobile Underwater Networks",
Youngtae Noh, Uichin Lee, Seongwon Han, Paul Wang, Dustin Torres, Jinwhan Kim, Mario Gerla,
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), , April. 2014