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Topology/Flow Composition

Jul 18, 2007 by cesar

In this section, we describe two files generated by the Topology/Flow Composition Tool. This tool enable the researcher to visually understand how the network is set. And how the flows are associated and connected to this network. The individual flow IDs is also displayed such that TCP researchers can observe congestion window dynamics keeping in mind how the is flow composition of this network. We choose to plot the long lived flows since they experience the longest duration period in congestion and they are the main responsible for the traffic. This next figure, created automatically using our scripts and the GRAPH tool (Graphviz) show which flows are the ones associated with a certain number of HOPS. In this example, we are using a pre-configured topology with 30 long-lived flows and we present the flows that SHARE the same FORWARD PATH.

Cluster of Long Lived Flows by Number of Hops (Forward Path)

The next figure presents the same LONG-LIVED FLOW in the FORWARD direction. This time, they are displayed all together, such that we can visually see the most demanding paths. NOTE: The internal, colored circles REPRESENTS LINKS.

Overall Forward Flow Composition (Flows Entering and Leaving the Network)