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Topology Generator Software Description

Jul 18, 2007 by cesar

The Topology Generation tool is composed by one main script (topogen.tcl) and five helpers (,,,, and

The file topogen.tcl has the following parameters: $1 = topology type (random network, tree, parking, etc.) $2 = network core size (number of core routers) $3 = node degree $4 = links bandwidth (links capacity) $5 = average propagation delay (based on an exponential distribution) $6 = number of long lived flows (marked as 0 inside the files) $7 = number of short lived flows (marked as 1 inside the files) $8 = p2p mode or client/server mode

The file "" parse the topology-X file and obtains every flow RTT and path. And the script "" automatize the creation of the same environment under different workload conditions - by changing the number of long lived flows

Finally, the files "", "" and "" create several PNG files containing the topology/flow composition of each pre-configured scenario, including flow numbers and the path followed by each long lived flow.